Ofroj pune


Role and Responsibilities / Marketing and Public Relations Manager

- Plan and manage events.
- Understand the requirements for each event and deliver them successfully.
- Discuss the budget and expectations with management with attention to financial and time constraints.
- Research venues and vendors that fit the occasion with a budget and collaborate with agencies and vendor
- Plan publicity strategies and campaigns.
- Research grant programs and find out new ways of funding for the organization.
- Write and produce presentations and other releases.
- Analyze media coverage.
- Develop, implement and manage social media.
- Understand SEO and user engagement and suggest content optimization.
- Conduct social media audits to ensure best practices are being used.
- Serve as the main person who promotes the organization’s brand and services.
- Ensure that the brand message is consistent.
- Creating promotional content (flyers, brochures, agendas, emails, interviews, etc.)
- Keeping the communication flow with the interested/potential/current speakers and panelists.
- Develops and recommends the budget, marketing plans, and objectives and manages within those approved
- Coaches and counsels employees to reflect the organization’s service standards and procedures.
- Carefully oversee event happenings.
- To plan and execute programs that enhance public perception of the school.
- To initiate and lead activities intended to interest parents: press releases on events, oversight of the web site,
and day to day contact with the news media.
- To identify emerging marketing strategies and test their effectiveness and report on their results.
- To provide networking opportunities with marketing representatives at individual schools to plan joint efforts to
strengthen collaboration with other schools in organizing community events.
- To support the creative department in designing/placing ads on the Independent Schools Fair and other
promotional events/activities.
- To prepare and publish an ASK flipbook on a monthly basis: do research on educational topics of ASK
community’s interest, collect articles from the ASK Leadership team, edit the texts, prepare a marketing plan
for the flipbook and oversee distribution of the publication.
- To provide strategic leadership in the area of diversity, based upon the school's mission and long-range plan, in
the area of promoting.
- To support and manage the activities of parent, student, and faculty/staff groups whose purposes and goals
are related to diversity issues.
- To act as a resource on diversity issues for faculty and staff in their work with students and in their development
of curriculum and programs.
- To act as a liaison between the school and the various communities of color in the locale in support of the
school's continued effort to serve these communities better and to support the school's outreach and
admissions marketing and recruitment programs.
- To support administration and faculty with program-specific marketing and communication materials, including
brochure development, news article creation, web content development, newsletter development/ editing,
photography support.
- Market the school positively with the media and with the local community at all available opportunities.
- Develop/maintain ASK social media profiles and quality content on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, Instagram.
- Managing the day-to-day posting on social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Use a
combination of creativity, innovation and practical marketing knowledge to deliver promotional messages.


- Bachelor Degree in Marketing or related field is preferred;
- 2+ years of event planning experience;
- Superior project management skills;
- Excellent communication and organizational skills;
- Excellent writing and reporting skills, in both English and Albanian;
- Customer relations management skills;
- Self-starter and initiative taker;
- Detail oriented;
- Problem solving skills;
- High level of understanding of social media platforms;
- Understanding of digital marketing and SEO;

To Apply:

Please submit the following materials to [email protected] latest by February 25, 2022 by specifying in the subject line the position you are applying for.

- Cover letter
- Resume