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ISLAMIC RELEIF Kosova -HUMAN RESOURCES DEPARTMENT. EMPLOYEE JOB DESCRIPTION Job Title: Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL) Officer Department: MEAL Location: Prishtine, Kosova Supervisor: MEAL Coordinator Reference: IRKS\MEAL\01 JOB SUMMARY Under the direct supervision of the MEAL coordinator, the MEAL officer will be responsible for implementing and coordinating all monitoring activities, this include, implementation of the collection, analysis, and reporting of data as required for fulfilling donor and management requirements. Implementing MEAL tools, implementing data collection activities, managing technological hardware and software used for data collection; training field staff; and preparing reports, data, feedback, Learning and complaint mechanism for IR projects in Kosova. To ensure that existing systems are used properly and also proactively contribute to improve and enhance these systems when gaps or weaknesses are identified. Development and maintenance of systems for the information management of all projects implemented by IR in Kosova. To act as the focal point in the office for archives, record keeping and to support the office director implement and maintain policy compliance by coordinating the completion of key record keeping tasks. The MEAL Officer will also work closely with MEAL coordinator, MEAL team, Program team and IR partners to identify monitoring and reporting needs. The MEAL Officer will be based in Prishtine, Kosova Office, with frequent travel to the projects sites in other sub offices. RESPONSIBILITIES:
Collection, Review and Analysis of Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning Data: 1. Initiate and coordinate planning activities:Assist in the development of MEAL System for IR Kosova 2. Monitor and evaluate project implementation: Assist to design and develop a Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning approach. Contribute in development of program/project log frames theories of change and any other accountability frameworks and formats demanded by the donors and ensure commitments to donors and other stakeholders are aligned with organizations internal MEAL systems. Actively developing and maintaining KOBO software and tools to support case management activities. Development and maintenance of Access and Excel databases that allow program implementers to readily access information required to implement programs efficiently and effectively Develop tools and manage data using KOBO to support monitoring and implementation of programs. Support the integration of automated and instant data analysis through, Power BI and/or other equivalent software. Keeping track of the monitoring, information management and assessment needs of Kosova programs, ensuring data collected is comprehensive and relevant. Ensuring cleaning and analysis of all data received regarding Kosova programs, continuously strengthening an understanding of the Programme use of data. Proactively develop technological solutions to data management problems or opportunities. Train data collection teams on technical and conceptual issues to ensure the data collected is done in the correct way, of high quality and representative of what it was intended to measure. Review of monthly, progress reports, quarterly, annual reports, and other reporting requirements. Assuring the compilation/documentation of program related information, processes, lessons learned, and success stories of the project. Develop periodic assessment and reporting templates and guidelines. 3. Assist in implementation of new sectoral interventions: Advice on needs assessments for new situations as required. Assist in project baseline studies as requested by the operation coordinator and help in reviewing draft reports submitted by program team. Provide technical assistance in project planning, assisting programs in translating operational plan into actions, defining work priorities and performance through participatory mentoring and onsite visits as needed and requested by projects coordinator. 4. Accountability and Learning: Promote principles of accountability to beneficiaries among IR staff. Ensure that activities are carried out to raise awareness of prevention of sexual exploitation and abuse and handling of serious complaints in line with IRW accountability and complaint framework. Assist to reinforce internal learning and reflection by supporting project staff to fill out learning log and regular discussions of monitoring data and reflections/learning exercises with Program and partner staff. Participate in design and implementation of studies, assessments and learning, in coordination with MEAL coordinator and Program staff. 5. Archives & Records Management (ARM) To support the office director, develop plans to ensure that policy compliance targets are met within the agreed timeframe. To identify and document office record keeping and set up an appropriate dedicated record storage area(s) and to receive and provide dedicated training Transfer of files to country office, identified retained closed files, archived, stored, control access to the storage area establish file access log and regularly inspect the conditions of the dedicated record storage area) To co-ordinate the destruction of closed files. To identify all closed files that need be kept permanently as IR archives, to co-ordinate the identification of IR publications created Scanning of all project related records and project file close checklist that are required to be scanned and to send the scanned images HQ within agreed timeframes, missing records log) To maintain all record keeping registers, forms and logs required under the records management policy as office records. To maintain a stock of records management stationary as per office requirements, for example, archive boxes. Others duties: Participate in core management team activities Represent the officein coordination meetings and any other meetings as requested Providing regular feedback to the Meal coordinator. Assist in the documentation of the project meetings/workshops. Support in the development of promotional materials, project stories quarterly reports. Language Skills Fluency in English is required both written and oral. Qualifications and Experience University education with a focus on IT, statistics or related field, Ability to use MS Office programs, specifically Excel and Access, Experience in using SPSS, KOBO as well as programming languages (SQL, JavaScript etc.) is highly advantageous, At least 2 to 3 Years Previous experience in a humanitarian organization, with strong practical understanding of Programme implementation or Monitoring and Evaluation and Accountability and Learning, Work experience in food security, livelihood, health & nutrition, WASH, education, community driven development projects and recovery programs, Demonstrated experience in developing assessment tools (e.g. questionnaire, focus group discussions), Strong understanding of the Logical Framework Analysis (LFA) as well as capacity to develop and analyze problem and make strategic decision, Strong ability to work with team and work independently and meet tight deadlines, Strong interpersonal and communication skills, teamwork, flexibility, innovation and leadership, skills, Previous experience in this area will be an asset. General Skills Resourcefulness and confidentiality Excellent good proposal and report writing skills Exceptional communication skills Excellent training / facilitation and capacity building skills. Excellent negotiation and problem solving skills. Good team management skills Good planning and analytical capacities Good Research skills Ability to work under pressure and extreme time constraints. Excellent communication and supervisory skills. HOW TO APPLY: If you are reliable, service minded, discreet, and dedicated and a highly motivated professional, with a strong commitment to IRW’s values and beliefs, please apply by your CV in English to [email protected] on or before the closing date. Application procedure: Interested applicants that possess the personal specifications mentioned above may apply before 15th June 2019 at 4:00 pm. Please send your application before the deadline, as any incomplete or late application will be refused. Please rename the application file before sending it with your name and the position that you are applying for. For example: (Name SURNAME - MEAL Officer.docx) Submitting this application does not represent any responsibility on the organization of any kind, and the organization has the right to set standards as it deems appropriate for the job according to the information available about all applicants, and to select candidates who will attend a job interview from among the applicants in accordance with those standards. If you have any query regarding the application, please send it to [email protected]